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  • Hey, waitaminute! I hear you ask.

    You haven’t put anything on this dagger at all! You tweaked and fiddled with the others to get ‘em “right!” Why’ve you not painted the hilt yellow and plopped the symbols on it?

    *Sigh.* Confiteor. I didn’t make any effort to craft this into a traditional Air Dagger. Yes, I, who started this whole series to proclaim the wonderful fun that could be had with traditional tools.

    The reasons were practical. First, you’ll note that the dagger doesn’t have the right kind of curved hilt for the traditional air dagger. It’s hard to fit all the necessary symbols on there - and frankly it’s prohibitively difficult to find an appropriate, and affordable, dagger that *does* have that hilt. This one, however, was purchased at a convention stall for $20.

    Further, I was disinclined to risk ruining the hilt with paint, given that it *was* so unlikely to co-operate, symbol-wise.

    At some point I will acquire a proper air dagger, and it will be painted and prepared accordingly. In the meantime, this one serves.

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